• Saranya Bhattacharjya

Female Future Leaders: Who is the greatest female role model of the 21st century?

To me, it seems close to impossible to create a mold that is definitive of what one would perceive as the ‘greatest female role model of the 21st century.’ Now, more than ever, women are flourishing, earning, succeeding, changing and redefining the world in a way that goes far beyond the puritanical and orthodox imagination possessed by sexist and bigoted individuals that believe that the male gender, occupationally, physically, perhaps in every dimension, is more powerful.

Today, in the 21st century, women are more vocal about their rights, their duties, as employees, as daughters, as sisters, as mothers and are altering illiberal and narrowminded perspective – globally – on women’s rights, and are working tirelessly towards making this world a better, safer and more comfortable space for every woman.

The greatest female role model in the 21st century are the mothers who work tenaciously towards providing their children with a safe home, sufficient food, and a fine education, who are just as inspiring as the dedicated 9-5 employees who have devoted their lives to fulfil their life-long ambitions that once seemed unachievable.

The strongest and most striking and influential women in the 21st century are the doctors and nurses who put their own lives at stake to save others, and the businesswomen and entrepreneurs that have attributed the word innovation with a completely new and improved meaning.

In the world today, the most formidable and dominant woman is each and every female inhabitant of this very planet that have challenged a ubiquitous mindset that has continually attempted to diminish and extinguish their importance, value and worth. The greatest female role model in the 21st century is every woman who has contributed to restricting the massive gender pay gap in every occupation, every female who has fought for the justice, safety and attempted to eradicate the prejudice that is associated with femininity.

The greatest female role model in the 21st century is every woman that populates this planet and has filled the void that signifies the lack of divine feminine power for centuries.

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